"Interview" Format : War & Peace

A podcast by the International Crisis Group, produced by Bulle Media

Potentially the most popular podcast format: a typical guided interview features a host in a conversation with a new guest every episode. This format allows the interviewee to bring their unique expertise and experiences to the audience within the framework suggested by the host. This format can be adapted in many ways.

- 1 host (optional: 1 co-host) + 1 interviewee

- In-person or remotely

- Non-fictional content

- Long length: 20-30 minutes long

"Journalistic Investigation" Format : EDL

A podcast by the Institute of European Democrats, produced by Bulle Media

A format to mix the most relevant remarks of guests (e.g an expert and somebody who is working on the ground and has a story to tell) interviewed beforehand with a script then written to explain the topicality and relevance of the subject and to bring the listener to an in-depth understanding of a topic. Can be useful if you have a specific message to convey

- 2 guests interviewed beforehand

- Process: pre-made interview + best quote selection + script redaction + add of sound bites.

- In-person or remotely

- Short length: 10-12 minutes long

"Fictional Narrative" Format : My Question To Angela Merkel

An original podcast Europod, produced by Bulle Media

Fictional storytelling podcasts rely entirely on a story created specifically to cater to the listeners’ imagination. Can be useful to get out of the institutional dialogue as such, giving it additional depth through a fictional story.

- 1 host with/without 1 or multiple interviewees

- Process: Pre-made interviews + best quotes selection + script redaction

- In-person or remotely

- Fictional content

- Medium length: 15-20 minutes long

"Report (non-fiction)" Format : Hypertourismos

A Europod podcast, produced by Bulle Media

Go out into the field to collect opinions. Submit these opinions to experts on a specific theme. Aim: create a story from this journey and confront the institutional message with the reality of the ground. Optional: take a personal perspective.

- 1 host with multiple interviewees

- Process: Pre-made interviews + best quotes selection

- + collection of sound on the ground + script redaction

- In-person

- Non-fictional content

- High level of post-production

- Medium length: 15-20 minutes long

Pedagocical format : Explique moi l'Europe

A podcast by Toute l'Europe, produced by Bulle Media

Coming directly from within the EU bubble, this podcast is a typical pedagogical podcast: each episode has a single host that gives the floor to a co-host in a scripted interview. This format is more structured than a round table and remains manageable to organize remotely.

- 1 host + 1 co-host

- In-person or remotely

- Non-fictional content

- All written

- Short length: 7-10 minutes long