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Bulle Media European podcast agency
Bulle Media European podcast agency


We support you in every stage of your project to create original and unique podcast content. We are offering an end-to-end personalized podcast experience, based on your specificities to reach your communication goals

Audience development

We develop strategies geared towards growing your audience. We help you to evaluate how to reach your target and we create a growth plan using all the techniques at hand to make your audience grow


We organise tailor-made podcast training sessions that allow you to develop or refine new knowledge in your podcast projects. Our experts accompany you to bring your podcast to the next level


We accompany you through every step of the process with a flexible approach to offer you unique podcast guidance


Definition of objectives, conceptualisation, storyboard, calendar and retroplanning, etc.


Script writing, transcriptions, interviews, and recordings remotely or in or studio, etc.


Sound design, Editing, Mixing, Mastering, etc.

Audience development

Target audience identification, Audiograms, Cross-promotion, Platform promotion, Audio Ads, Expert Guidance, etc.

What makes us different

We are more than a podcast production agency: we are a multicultural team specialised in EU affairs, working in 8 languages

8 languages

We have produced podcasts in up to 8 languages, working with international journalists and media professionals. So far, Bulle Media has produced podcasts in English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Hungarian and Greek.

EU affairs

Years of experience in public affairs and a multidisciplinary background have provided us with a competitive edge in understanding the needs of our diverse partners and clients. Europe is at the heart of what we do.

Our Work

Here is a glimpse of our best podcast series.

Bulle Media - Europe Inside Out podcast
Bulle Media - Ma Question Angela Merkel podcast
Bulle Media - Disconnected In 2050 podcast
Bulle Media - Böll Europe Podcast
Interview format

Europe Inside Out

Carnegie (Think tank)

Europe Inside Out brings together experts to explain Europe’s foreign policy challenges and opportunities. Every month, go beyond the headlines with Carnegie Europe and explore where the continent stands, how it got here, and where it is heading.

Fictional narrative format

Ma question à Angela Merkel

French version - Bulle Media Original series

Angela Merkel, la personnalité européenne la plus influente du XXIème siècle, s’apprête à quitter le pouvoir. Emilia, correspondante à Berlin pour un média européen, a été sélectionnée dans un pool de journalistes pour lui poser une question. Mais quelle question ? Elle mène l’enquête et réalise des interviews pour trouver LA bonne question.Ma question à Angela Merkel est un podcast documentaire européen. L’enquête journalistique s’appuie sur des recherches exhaustives et sur le témoignage exclusif de nombreuses personnalités européennes (Alexis Tsipras, François Hollande, Jean Claude Juncker…). La petite histoire est fictive. La grande Histoire est entièrement véridique.

Fictional narrative format

Disconnected in 2050

Bulle Media Original series

It’s 2050 and young Ezra is hyperconnected to Infinity, a metaverse that has transformed Brussels and facilitates most actions in everyone’s lives. Almost everyone. One day, Ezra discovers archives from the 2020s that put her on the trail of a retired journalist, a “disconnected.” This starts Ezra’s journey to uncover the mysteries of an oppressive and corrupt system. Listen to Disconnected in 2050 and gather the evidence with Ezra as she begins to realize that her world may not be as pleasant as it seems. Learn what she plans to do about it.

Interview Format

Böll Europe Podcast

A production for the Heinrich Böll Foundation

Böll·Europe is the podcast of the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung European Union office in Brussels, presented by Gail Rego. A podcast for great and innovative transformative ideas for a greener, more democratic, fair and just Europe.

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Bulle Media is a multi-award-winning podcast production agency having consistently received prizes for podcasting, journalism and public affairs from all around Europe

Bulle Media Award

My question to Angela Merkel

Louise Weiss Prize
Bulle Media Award


International Women’s podcast Awards 2022 nominee
Bulle Media Award

Fermata Nanterre

Il Pod 2022 Award “Best Diversity Podcast”
Bulle Media Award

Las Abuelas de La Tres Guerras

People’s Choice Podcast Awards - Best Podcast Hosted in Spanish
Bulle Media Award

My question to Angela Merkel

Belgian Podcast Awards nomination
Bulle Media Award

Biometrie Made in Europe

Surveillance Studies Award
Bulle Media Award

The Water Series

Belgian Podcast Awards nomination
Bulle Media Award

Suenos de Agua y Sal

Premios Crear


Organizations like Institutions, Political Parties, NGOs, Foundations, Think-Tanks, Media and Communication Agencies trust us to bring their podcast ideas to life

Why podcasts?

Podcast is a unique format to tell stories, create intimacy and engage an audience


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Easy accessibility
Suitable for multitasking
Informative & entertaining
Engaging & intimate
Bulle Media European podcast production agency
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